What is Outsourcing?

Jun 12, 2019

Outsourcing is A Company’s Quality, Quantity and Save

To keep your business running, you want tasks done faster, smarter and with the best quality. But then you have to pay extra for full time employees who have the best sets of skills and experiences and yet, you still have to closely monitor their work. Together with that, their insurances, social security, paid holidays, paid vacation leaves, etc. are your problem too. That’s triple the work than you should be doing, so you’d be employing more to do those for you. You’ll find yourself setting up departments and paying more as your business grows. It can sometimes be a sign of progress but  it’s too exhausting and costly. You really don’t have to go through all that. You can outsource.


To outsource is to seek services, goods and resources outside of your company. Several companies have been outsourcing for decades and will continue to do so since it can suffice their needs efficiently. It is Beneficial.


As cited in several articles, the main reason why businesses outsource is to cut expenses. In fact, Brandon Gaille cited that 46% of the reason why companies outsource is to reduce cost. Oftentimes they seek into foreign countries such as Philippines, India, China and several others since labor costs in foreign countries, specially in Asia, are lower compared to the US and other western countries. Also, it gives the companies greater chances of finding better work quality.


Great quality of work  at a lower cost is like winning the lottery for business owners. 12% of the reason why companies outsource, according to Gaille, is to get “world class capabilities”. When you outsource, you have an ocean of experts you can choose from all over the world. You can hire IT experts to work for you from a country known for Excellent IT professionals, and then hire writers from a different country.. You now have a team of world class performers. With increasing numbers of international outsourcing agencies, you’ll never run out of options.


Outsourcing an agency with the expertise to help you on your tasks can also speed up the work for you. Their excellent work can never compromise your deadlines since. They have the resources unavailable in your company which makes them efficient. Faster work means more output. More work done. More quantity.


Quantity, plus quality, minus the expense is what outsourcing can give your company. For existing companies, you can give it a shot with your bookkeeping tasks, sales, admin support, etc. And for startups, this is the perfect opportunity for you to speed up your operations. You can always have designers to work on with your branding, logo and packaging while have admin support to set up and work on with your online operations. There are endless services you can avail from outsourcing. What are you waiting for? Outsource now and save more!