Building Team Identity 101: The Team Members

Jul 19, 2021
Building Team Identity 101: The Team Members

A good team has a strong team identity. There’s a bond between the members which allows them to foster familiarity, trust and loyalty. A team with these characteristics is able to accomplish task with ease, has a developed line of communication and manages stress and problems more readily. Thus, it’s necessary to build team identity. 


The first thing to do is to accept that the team is composed of unique and constantly changing individuals. Nobody’s the same. Some may find similarities with others, and some people might clash due to contrary views and principles. Learning about each of the team member’s personality and values allow the team to appreciate the similarities and differences. And for the team leader, he or she gets to learn about what kind of people consists the team and how they can best utilize them. 


By accepting that the team is composed of unique individuals, team leaders and members alike can have the opportunity to meet each other halfway. Learning how to accommodate and make concessions will be a key factor to avoiding misunderstandings, arguments and other internal strife within the team. 


Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses allow for a better flow of delegation. Everyone is working in the team for various reasons and purposes; and each has a distinct contribution. Knowing who to rely on for certain tasks will help foster trust. It also helps each member to develop skills and confidence for the contributions that they put into. Over all, knowing and learning about each other is vital to bring each member together. 


`A strong team identity is built on trust. This foundation allows the members to be vulnerable with each other. It allows each member to be open and honest, and this reinforces the feeling of belongingness. It also cultivates friendship, which allows for work to transcend beyond professional linkages. This way, when a team is faced with challenges, they are able to face it with a light disposition. It transforms work into a place of fun and learning with people who matter.