Building Team Identity 101: Navigating Through Conflict

Aug 02, 2021
Building Team Identity 101: Navigating Through Conflict

The difficulty with working in a team is never as pronounced as it is when there is an internal strife among members. This comes along with the variety of personalities, skills, talents and values that compose the whole team. However, building a team with a strong identity means that it knows how to navigate through a conflict. Here are a few tips to do just that.


The first—and perhaps the hardest—is to establish good communication. It can start as simple as having the parties involved talk to each other. In fact, this is the most essential step in conflict resolution—finding ways to communicate. The next thing to do is to focus on the issue and events instead of personalities. Conflict resolution takes away the focus from difference in personalities, and instead puts emphasis on the difference of goals and interests. 


Establishing good communication means more than talking, as well. In fact, it involves more listening than talking. Truly, there is a reason why mankind was created with two ears and one mouth. The objective is to listen and not to react. If possible, it would be better if no party is interrupted as they explain their side. And of course, questions should be asked so there is better understanding between parties. 


A team that knows how to navigate through conflict is one step closer to having a strong identity. And conflict is not limited to internal strife, but can also extend to misunderstandings with individuals outside of the team, or with another team, and so on. Knowing how to prioritize areas of conflict, develop plans to work on each and then following that plan will contribute to building the team’s success. These processes could involve summarizing areas of agreement and disagreement, discussing the more important aspects of the conflict and then starting with that. 


Navigating through conflict is never easy; and often times, failure is inevitable. But a team with a strong identity faces this challenge with an open mind and positivity.