14 Things Healthcare Professionals can Outsource to Virtual Assistants

Jul 03, 2019

Healthcare Professionals are probably the busiest people that they can’t manage to do what they love if they won’t face the accounting and other paper works. They don’t have time to answer calls,organize notes or bill their patients. It is also too much for one secretary to handle. Luckily with today’s high technology that these tasks can be managed by Virtual Assistants 24/7. A virtual executive assistant can act as your “virtual secretary” who can provide customer service support and take care of all the admin stuff that takes part of your daily activities.


  1. Administrative Tasks - You can assign admin tasks to your VA such as email management, transcribe notes, and schedule appointments. VA’s can organize and free your inbox from clutter and give priority to those that need your attention. while the VA can handle the daily emails from patients and other inquiries. They can work on an email template to be able to respond on your behalf about inquiries and appointments. This can work hand-in-hand with your calendar to re-schedule, cancel or make reminders that will easily pop a notification directly to your phone.


  1. Handle inbound/outbound calls  - Patients tend to call when they needed follow-ups or inquire on certain services that you provide. VAs can answer phone calls to represent you and can assist them when will you be available for a consultation. VAs can also enable alerts and notify you via email when new or important messages arrive.


  1. Research – As a healthcare professional, you don’t stop from studying about your specialty. Working more than 8 hours a day can be exhausting and research requires a lot of time. Virtual assistants can search just about anything from information and media, case studies, to academic or technical articles.


  1. Bookkeeping and Accounting tasks - VA’s are also professionals and some have graduated with an Accounting degree. Many use this to their advantage to hire specialized VAs to take care of the nitty gritty billing and invoicing of the patients.


  1. Transcriptions – Medical and legal are the most popular transcription jobs in the market that’s why these VAs have strong legal vocabulary and medical terminology knowledge. They also have excellent typing speed and listening skills. This task is also great for people who run podcast shows and want to convert them into written format.


  1. Powerpoint presentations - If you’re in a hurry for a meeting and you don’t have time to open your laptop, a VA can be of an extra hand while you are on your way to the office.


  1. Setup a webinar – Healthcare professionals also conduct seminars but how about doing it through the web?A general virtual assistant can setup your account in an easy-to-use program so you can talk or conduct a demo for your patients or clients.


  1. Social Media Marketing - More patients turn to social media these days to stay updated of the medical field. Widen your reach by selling yourself and your services on the online market. VAs can help you start and put up a great social media accounts of your clinic and engage to a bigger environment.


  1. Set-up a website - Now that you’re starting to grow your clinic, set up a website and put in some live chats and give a more interactive patient-practitioner relationship. People can browse more about your clinic, location, history and staff members. VAs will help you create traffic to your website, send newsletters and write up some blogs.


  1. Insurance Claim Processing - Train your VA about how you go about processing these insurances and with the online system it would be easier for everyone.


  1. Medical transcription, Medical record Transfer, Online Medical Data Entry - There are tons of paperwork involved in operating a demanding medical practice including patient files that can be outsourced to a VA.


  1. Billing and invoices - Keep your patients on track and invoice them on the right time. You will never miss a due date again with the VAs keeping an eye of your calendar everyday.


  1. Reservations/Travel appointments - VAs may also book your tickets and hotel/restaurant reservations without a hassle.


  1. Build your entire marketing and sales - A VA can boost your sales number through email marketing, customer and sales support. They can help your business grow and gain more patients.

The major benefit of a Virtual Assistant to Healthcare Providers is that it allows them to focus on their patients and be comfortable that their administrative tasks are still met everyday.