10 Things Virtual Assistants Are Good At

Jun 07, 2021

Have you ever thought of working as a virtual assistant? Do you think you have what it takes? Stick with me and we’ll find out if you’re a good fit. Here are 10 things virtual assistants are good at!


Being a great communicator is a huge advantage to virtual assistants. This does not mean they are elaborate and eloquent in speeches; but rather, they are able to get their message across and more importantly—they know how to listen. There’s a reason why man has two ears and one mouth.

 2.Computer Skills

It is not essential to be tech savvy as a virtual assistant; however, you need to master basic computer skills. These could refer to your ability to use word applications like Microsoft Office and spreadsheets; or data visualization and email communication. At the core of a virtual assistant’s duty is a trusted set of computer skills, so learn one or two!

 3.Data Entry

Virtual assistants are keen on details; they are skilled in extracting and moving verbal and numerical data into forms, editing current information and proofreading. The main objective is to maintain integrity in the transfer of information; and this is where the eye for details is necessary. You’ve been warned! A slight deviation from the source material could cost your client a pretty penny!

  4.Desktop Publishing

The skill to publish books, create calendars, envelopes and brochures come in handy if you want to do clerical work as a virtual assistant. This is especially because the client is likely to delegate one or two of these tasks; and even more. If you aren’t familiar with the publishing tools in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher, now is the perfect time to get acquainted!


In my opinion, your typing skills represent your brawn as a virtual assistant. Your creative ideas and communication skills will be put to waste if you type like a turtle. Virtual assistants are fast typers by nature; they can type up to at least 45 words per minute, while the optimal is 60. It is highly recommended that you practice your typing skills at home if you ever want to get a career as a virtual assistant.


Virtual assistants work from home, unless they are required to work at an office. They communicate with people across the globe and across platforms; and the number one form of communication is written. They take tasks, make reports and achieve results that the client needs to be aware of through email or instant messaging. The grammar doesn’t have to be stellar, but virtual assistants have mastered the basics—so should you!

 7.Basic computer trouble shooting

A virtual assistant’s computer is more than a machine; it is the lifeblood of the job. If the computer goes down, the virtual assistant and the client go down together. You don’t have to be an IT specialist; all you need to do is learn the basics. Learn when to restart the computer, when to check the wiring; and when to call an expert for help. At any rate, at least learn how to properly maintain your computer to make sure it’s in good shape!


The ability to stay in track, neat and have things arranged in the right order are trademarks of virtual assistants. They not only have to keep their work spaces tidy, but they have to manage tasks, schedules, clients and short breaks in between. The system might be personalized, but a virtual assistant knows what to do and WHEN to do it. So practice your organization skills now!

 9.Social media management

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an individual without a social media account these days. They’re everywhere; from computers, to tablets and to phones inside our pockets. It’s amazing! But social media means so much more to virtual assistants—it means business. Clients have to promote their services and products online; and what better way to reach people than through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more? That’s right; we can put these fun applications to good use!


Virtual assistants are fast learners. They absorb new information like a sponge; and that’s just perfect! The range of tasks and the skills required are varied and constantly changing. There is no place for a stagnant individual in this niche. So you have to develop feedback seeking behavior to evaluate and develop yourself. The best part of being a virtual assistant is the consistent growth. There is no dead end to how much you can learn or how better you can be. The sky is the limit; so if I were you, fly!